Learning isn't just about memorising the periodic table or learning your nine times table by rote. At Kempton there's a whole lot more to learning than that!

From extra-curricular activities which help our students explore their talents, to rigorous academic standards which give your child the educational foundations and qualifications they'll need to go even further

Educating the minds of future global leaders requires a commitment to developing the skills necessary for this enormous task. Children who arrive at our school each day are met with engaging, inquiry-based tasks that require them to think deeply about issues of global significance while simultaneously learning the key foundational skills necessary to access a higher level education.

In Kempton junior academy, teachers are committed to delivering academic excellence while honing investigative skills and critical thinking. Students are asked to use design thinking principles in integrated subject areas throughout the day. Our learning environment fosters intellectual growth, independence and acuity, purposeful curiosity and skills for the future. Our teachers are engaged in their students' lives, and take a team approach to a child's academic and emotional development.

The teachers are also focused on the socio-emotional growth of the children. They have a genuine affection and strong commitment to helping them succeed in school and in life.