Pupil Assessment

At KEMPTON JUNIOR SCHOOL, assessment of the pupils is continuous and ongoing. We monitor each child's learning to provide ongoing feedback. Such assessments are formative and enable the teacher to recognize where pupils are struggling and address concerns immediately.
We do not have exams. However, the Top Class children do some tests.

Classroom Management and Discipline
The following are the procedures used in managing discipline at KEMPTON JUNIOR SCHOOL.

  • Using Classroom Rules
  • Using different modes of punishment, BUT NOT CORPORAL, for example, Naughty Corners, ‘demotion’.
  • Positive Reinforcement.
  • Encouragement.
  • Mentoring talks.
  • Parent intervention.

The school has an open door policy. Feel free to meet with us and discuss concerns the same day. All concerns, however small they seem, should be shared rather than leaving them unresolved.
Please note that teachers should not be approached during class time. However, the class teachers will have no objection to an informal chat at the end of the day.

All children in the school are given a school diary at the beginning of the school year. This diary is for maintaining communication between you and your child’s class teacher. We know that you may not always have the time to visit the school or call. That is why we encourage you to use this diary if you need to communicate any advance or challenge that you may notice about your child.
This diary is sent every Friday and parents are expected to read and return it every Monday.