Dear parents/Guardian,
As observed in the recent past, there has been increased cases of insecurity in relation to kidnapping and this calls for being extra careful and very mindful about our own personal security and the security of our children. Remember personal safety/security starts with us as individuals.

We need to be more cautious as this can take place even at the corner of our places of residence. We at Kempton Junior School are very mindful of our children’s safety and in this regard, we would like to recommend the following in addition to other measures that you may need to take as a parent/guardian:

  • If you can, please drop & pick your child at school if he/she is not going to be picked by our school van.
  • Assign some one specific (he/she should be known to the school) to drop & pick your child at school rather than changing them all the time. This will help us get familiar with who is responsible for picking which child.
  • Hand over the child yourself to school van driver/ teacher assigned to the van in the morning and also the school will ensure that the child is handed over to someone identified at home.
  • Obtain telephone contacts of school van drivers, Head Teacher & communicate regularly when necessary.
  • Generally be vigilant about safety & the where-about of your child.

Please let us work together to ensure that the security of our children is guaranteed.
Yours Faithfully,
Kakuze innocent