Who we are

Key Subjects:

  • Letter sounds (Jolly Phonics)
  • Letter Alphabet
  • Word Building
  • Picture Interpretation
  • Story Reading
  • News telling/carpet discussions/story telling.

Numbers (Maths)

  • Rote Counting
  • Number Writing
  • Number Recognition
  • Number Value
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Shapes & Colours
  • Sets
  • Concepts e.g. opposites, measurements, etc
  • Dates
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Position Words
  • Exact Time.
  • Fractions.


  • Thematic Study e.g. Environment
  • Hygiene
  • Science Adventures/ Experiments.

Social Studies

  • Thematic Study e.g. Family, Character Building.
  • School Trips e.g. to the Uganda Museum, trip to Uganda WildLife Education Centre, trip to a factory.
  • Social Skills e.g. greeting, respect, expressing gratitude.

Physical Education:

  • Simple Aerobics
  • Free Play
  • Structured Play
  • Assembly Time
  • Splash Days
  • Swimming

Extra Curricular Subjects:

  • Music, Dance and Drama
  • Nursery Rhymes & Songs
  • Plays and Dramatising

Arts and Crafts
Drawing, painting, pasting, moulding, threading, printing, colouring, etc.

Information and Technology

    • Computer Parts e.g. key board, mouse.
    • Educational Games – Language (e.g. Reading For Kids), Maths (e.g. ‘Talking    Maths 4 Kids’)

    Curriculum Overview:

    At KEMPTON JUNIOR SCHOOL, we aim to foster each individual child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and moral development.

    Child Centred Approach.
    The child is at the centre of the learning process.
    Thematic Approach
     We have a general theme for all classes each term and a specific theme per class each term.
    Integrated Approach
    We integrate the themes into the main subjects. e.g. 4 brown drums, if the theme is culture. In this way, culture is integrated into Numeracy/ Numbers.

    Extra Curricular Activities
    In order to nurture talent, the children participate in extracurricular activities.
    These will be detailed under the subjects below.
    Play Way Approach
    We encourage play as an active form of learning. Through guided instructions and imaginative play, the children will receive rich experiences and love to learn.

    Class Structure  

    11/2 Years                                           -                       Day Care
    3 Years                                                -                       Baby Class
    4 Years                                                -                       Middle Class
    5 Years                                                -                       Top Class