Goals and objectives


  • Refinement of learning through improving students performance for ALL students as measured by multiple varied assessments.
  • Provide  technology-enriched programs and experiences with the aim of preparing the students for the future.
  • Create a platform for staff and parents to compare notes about students and service, for professional development by annually assessing our progress.
  • Create a School atmosphere through school based a community-wide programs and experiences that promote engagement and communication.
  • To provide tangible, affordable , practical  and applicable education.


  • Ensure that the environment is clean, safe , and welcoming with an atmosphere of inclusion, acceptance and mutual respect, where students can develop emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • Develop and nurture an overall well being of all students.
  • To give multiple and equal opportunity to all pupils.
  • Demonstrate  a sound understanding of ethical, respectful and responsible use of technology.
  • Guide pupils to utilize technology and employ creative thinking to develop innovative products.
  • Stimulate a long lasting curiosity.
  • Build confidence ,and a deep sense of self esteem, strong character and integrity.
  • Instill appreciation and respect for environment, property ,diversity(difference in culture, color, race ,religion etc..)by broadening the children’s perspective.



  • Kempton has and will continue to put in place a cross-content/integrated curriculum and research projects and comprehensive language arts experience to help children read, write ,speak and communicate effectively during their lifelong pursuit of knowledge
  • Children will be exposed to different cultures to understand histories of other tribes within Uganda and other nations in order to be prepared to thrive in a diverse and evolving global society.
  • Kempton will honor and develop linguistic diversity by providing a world language program and experiences that promote strong communication in both written and spoken form.
  • Kempton will avail resources to facilitate experiences that expose children to many ways they can develop and express their artistic, musical , dramatic and creative selves.
  • Kempton will maintain a class teacher ratio of 1:10 to ensure satisfactory instruction and assessment.
  • We will provide multiple S.T.E.M.(Science. Technology. Engineering and Math)experiences and have the opportunity to participate in hands on project and inquiry-based activities that are aligned with science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Kempton will expand opportunities for teachers to link academics to career electives, work experiences , higher education, mentoring and service learning through exchange programs all of which are designed to elevate professional development in our craft.
  • We will ensure teachers are satisfied in terms of remuneration, reward/motivation /benefits and conducive working environment.
  • We will promote and celebrate character development, social relationships and good citizenship, which will foster a positive learning environment that benefits the entire school community.
  • The teachers and children will apply technological tools to gather, evaluate and use information to communicate, both locally and globally.
  • Teachers will use reliable data and their understanding of children’s needs to design learning opportunities that motivate students to succeed beyond their expectations.
  • Kempton will involve and inform parents and community on curriculum, assessments and school events
  • We will support staff generated professional development topics and offer collaborative opportunities that address the varied needs and interests of staff and students.
  • Continue to update our staff with knowledge global affairs and perspectives and the latest inventions and challenge them to and elevated caliber of discussion with the aim of inspiring foresight in the way they plan and approach lessons and evaluate.
  • Kempton has put in place a well structured system ,time tables and rosters which ensure accountability among staff.
  • Our teachers are C.P.R certified with red cross and are therefore familiar with health and safety measures.
  • Kempton has installed cctv cameras to ease supervision to ensure all operation around the school are in alignment with the school’s goals and objectives.


Core Values

  • Continuous improvement
  • Total excellence in nature of execution
  • High discipline, professionalism and integrity
  • Client absolute satisfaction.

Target Market
Our potential market includes all school going children whose parents are interested in quality education, however specifically middle to high income earners in the vicinity of the school that is bunamwaya , ndejje , lubowa, seguku,namasuba ,najjanankumbi, Entebbe road etc..this can only be our  target because quality definitely comes at a premium.