School management Organs

The school is managed like others with management organs and an executive/director. The organs will include the Governing board and the academic board.

Governing Board

The school will have a governing board as to top policy organ. The members have different backgrounds including sponsors, founders ,academicians and from the education management sector. The composition is small enough to facilitate quick decisions.

Academic Board

The academic board will comprise of shareholders and teachers. Membership changes with the centre who contribute to the decision making of a school.

Class Size/Staffing

Kempton has total of 13classes with each class spacious enough to accommodate 40pupils.
Under full capacity the school will then have to employ 4 teachers a class to maintain the ratio of 1:10(teacher to child) to ensure quality control in assessment and lesson delivery.

Staffing and Recruitment

Kempton Junior School has a pool of well qualified, energetic, ambitious and internationally minded primary school teachers. We take on these grades of teachers; Grade III, Grade IV and Graduate teacher. Teaching Assistants undergo quality trainings and have the skills and knowledge to work with children.