Transport Service

The school offers a bus service for children living in selected residential areas in Kampala. There is an extra charge for this service payable in advance each semester in the Finance Office.

Currently there are 2 taxi routes offered for the morning and afternoon runs. A late taxi is available for children involved in after school activities.  

It is good to make sure you have the contact details of the driver of your child's bus. This and further information will be available through our Office Coordinator who is contactable through the school office.

Appropriate behavior is required on the bus!  The school is responsible for the safety of students while they are on the bus.

It is very important and required that the following rules of conduct are followed:

• Remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion
• Respect the driver  -  Do not disturb or distract the driver in any way unless there is an emergency
• No loud music
• No eating or drinking on the bus