Tuition and fees

Registration; 50,000/=
Tuition; 1,250,000/=( meals and stationery inclusive)
Daycare (1.6 yrs - 2+ yrs);25,000/= daily and 450,000/= monthly.

Computer, Cookery, Gardening, French, Science adventure, Creative Arts, Debate and Poetry ARE FREE.

Ballet 100,000
Music Class(Piano, drums ,guitar, xylophone) 100,000/=
Swimming;                                                                              100,000/=
Gymnastics 100,000/= (Future plan)
ICT Part of the fees
Scouts 100,000/= (Future plans)
Football Club 100,000/= (Future plans)


Dress 40,000/=
Shirts 30,000/=
Shorts 30,000/=
Tie 7,000/=
Belt 10,000/=
Socks 10,000/=
Sweater 50,000/=
Sports polo T-shirt 30,000/=
Sports Short 25,000/=

Passport sized photographs(1-mum,1-dad,2-child).
A pair of gumboots
Photocopied child’s birth certificate/immunization card.
A box of wipes packed in the bag daily.